9/18 – 9/22

Snowboarder Project – Frame based

The previous projects we use computer generated formulas to define the movement (called tweens). In this project, we will learn frame-based animation techniques. It can be a little bit more time consuming, but it is easier to create exactly the type of movement you envisioned.

This project will teach you how to utilize the onion skin feature of Adobe Animate. It is useful to create smooth, consistent movement with the frame-based technique. You will also learn how to create separate scenes within one animation project. Use the provided files and tutorial to learn how to create this project.

As you work, save your project as a .fla and name it lastname + first initial + snowboarder.fla. When you are finished, export it as a .SWF file with the same name (ex: pettywsnowboarder.SWF).

Snowboarder Project Tutorial

Download File

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